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The BEST Bubble 2013!!!

It’s almost the end of the year!!! OMG!!! Time flies like a bee! Actually, I haven’t been posting anything for some time cause I had too many things to do or to think about so… the whole writing process was going vEry slooowww…
Having read some posts of other good bloggers I’ve become inspired a lot by them and the whole idea of just sitting and summing up all good opera memories I’ve had this year. So… here I want to present you my, let’s call it, OperaBubbles Awards! My list of all «besties» is divided into several categories. My choice of winners is based only on my personal XP, on what I’ve seen or heard or attended this year.

The Baroque Bubble

My relationship with baroque music is developing in a very special way. In my childhood I listened a lot of this music during the lessons at my music school: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Vivaldi etc. I liked it especially the most famous melodies but…I wouldn’t say it moved me very much. So for some time my attitude to this was kind of «it’s old music».
EMI Classics 2012
Some months ago I had an amazing experience in rediscovering the beauty of baroque music. It happened thanks to Joyce DiDonato’s «Drama Queens»! Before that moment I’d come across her CD too often here or there and I really liked the photo on the cover to ignore it so long:). So I decided to give it a chance! And I have no regrets. I suddenly realized how powerful this music could be! It’s not less emotional than the music of more modern composers! I like all the tracks and I know all of them by heart! They are rarely recorded arias belonging to various opera queens! My absolutely favorite is «Sposa, son disprezzata»!!! The me…

Onegins at the Met Opera

I think the best way to explain the meaning of today’s bubble is just to say «О, как мне тяжело! Опять Онегин…» (rus) (How this torments me! Again, Onegin…).  Recently, I’ve watched Met HD new production of «Eugene Onegin» in my local cinema theatre. In general, I have to say I like it. I was touched by acting and singing. And it gave me an idea to compare it with the previous Met production of «Onegin» in 2007 which I love and adore and to find out what is better maybe:). So it’s kind of a battle between two director’s points of view and two casts of great singers. Let’s do this!!!

The Viva-Verdi Bubble! Part II

Finalmente (it.)!!! I’ve sat and dedicated one of my evenings thinking about Verdi’s music again! Time is so limited for me lately…but I stick to my plan and intention to share my thoughts and emotions about this great composer with you!!! As I’ve said in the previous post this part will be not only about CDs! In this bubble I would like to tell you about two amazing Verdian singers whom I adore very much and hope you do too:). I would even call it «The Radvanovsky-Hvorostovsky Bubble». If you don’t know I mean Dmitri Hvorostovsky, a Russian baritone, and Sondra Radvanovsky, an American (partly Canadian) soprano.

The Viva-Verdi Bubble! Part I

The other days (October the 10th) there was a big event for the whole opera world! The Giuseppe Verdi's bicentenary!!! No doubts that his contribution to the classical music is priceless and I’m sure that he’ll always be one of the greatest composers of all time!
Due to this occasion some opera singers have released CDs dedicated to Verdi this year. I consider it’s a very good way to celebrate such a big date (especially for fans:)). And I’ve decided not to stay aside ofit but to join by listening to these recordings! It took a lot of time…that’s why I post it so late:), but I strived to enjoy all of them and to make a review the most useful for you! The first part of my review is about new Verdi CDs and the second part….let’s say…will be not only about that! (Intrigue!!!). You’ll know later!
Anna Netrebko – «Verdi» (2013)

This was the first Verdi CD I listened to cause I adore Anna and try to keep up with all her career changes. I’ve already written about it in my first bubble so I g…

Mеt Opera LIVE in HD Season 2013-14 in my emotional bubble!:)

A few days ago I found out great news for me personally and for operalovers of my city of Chelyabinsk!!! We’re gonna have Met Live in HD broadcasts of season 2013-14 in our local cinema theatre!!!
FINALLLLYYYYYY!!! I’ve been waiting for this…I guess…for 5 years!!! The dream came true! So happy right now))). Besides my city, in Russia there are other 22 cities where all the Russian can enjoy  very good Met productions! (I shared with you the links below this post about the broadcasts in Russia and in the world).
Picture by Ms.OperaGeek
All that stuff inspired me to dedicate this bubble to my lovely Met and his HD season! I’ve ranged all the HD productions according to my scale of anticipation!

Bubble about Fun with Opera:)

Lately I’ve been coming across lots of funny stuff about opera or opera singers in the Net. So…I’ve decided to bring some operafun to my page and share it with you!

At first, within all the stuff you can find you may notice that there are two kinds of it: for musicians or operalovers and for other people who are not so aware of music terms. I’ve chosen the most hilarious of them!

My First Bubble or New Start for Anna

Recently (exactly yesterday) I listened to Anna Netrebko’s Verdi Album. I was waiting for it with huge anticipation. (Photo: Kristian Schuller/Deutsche Grammophon) Anna is one of my favourite singers and I always try to keep in touch with all things that happen to her. So…I guess that’s a good start for my first bubbleJmaking a little review. In general I have to say (if u don’t know much about Anna) Verdi album is a new page of her career cause she is now moving to a new more dramatic repertoire as her voice has changed for recent years. The whole album represents extracts from Verdi’s «Macbeth», «Giovanna d'Arco», «I vespri siciliani», «Don Carlo», «Il Trovatore».