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What's new? January 2015

Hey, opera lovers!
New Year is coming! And it's a good time to think about the future or make plans for the next year. As for me, I'm very much looking forward to winter holidays and to 2015 in general cause there will be so much interesting operatic stuff which I'm very excited about, including new CD/DVD releases! And this is what I'd like to tell you about today - upcoming January recordings 2015!
January 5 – Tchaikovsky «Iolanta»by Deutsche Grammophon
Anna Netrebko
Sergey Skorokhodov · Alexey Markov · Vitalij Kowaljow
Slovenian Chamber Choir
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra
Emmanuel Villaume

Opera Bubbles Awards 2014!

Hey, opera lovers!!!
Today is the second annual Opera Bubbles Awards!!! YEAH!!!! Briefly, this year’s been very tough for me, mostly emotionally, and watching/listening to great artists or live concerts helped me to get through the difficulties. But enough about bad things! Let’s focus on a bright side!:) I enjoy doing Opera Bubbles Awards for the second time (Opera Bubbles Awards 2013 is posted here). I like remembering the most exciting art things that happened to me during last year. Thinking of who could be presented in each nomination, I realized that there were not many candidates. This made me ponder and ask myself: «Why?». Reviewing all the past «operatic adventures» in my mind, I came to conclusion that I just hadn’t watched a huge number of opera productions, but… instead, I’d got new experience from lots of CD recordings. So defining winners was very quick and easy for me. Here they are!

My Festive Playlist

Hey, opera lovers!!! December is already here! That means «holidays are coming, holidays are coming…»:). All buildings are being decorated; famous songs are being played in the streets, at bars and restaurants! And we’re all waiting for a little bit of magic in our life at this time of the year. So the atmosphere is very specific and hopeful, so to speak. What can be better than good festive music for maintaining such an advent mood:)? I have a list of tracks which I keep listening to again and again during December. These songs are about such important things like love, family, friends, piece – things that we all begin to appreciate even more on Christmas and New Year Days. So I wanna share with you my favorite albums and songs which make me happy and charge me with festivity!!!