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What's new? February 2015

Hey, opera lovers!
Today it's time to speak about upcoming February releases in the world of opera! Yeah!!!

February 2 – Bellini «La Straniera » (Nightingale) 
Recorded in November 2012, Baden-Baden, Germany Edita Gruberova, Laura Polverelli, José Bros, Luca Grassi, Kay Stiefermann, Thomas Michael Allen SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg & Orpheus Vokalensemble, Pietro Rizzo


Hey, opera lovers! How are you getting on after holidays? I’m fine. Since the beginning of January I’ve been spending my time doing what I like that is watching opera:).  As I had a lot of days off I decided to watch something big that I hadn’t had much time for before. And I chose «Der Ring des Nibelungen» or «The Ring of the Nibelung» by Richard Wagner.  Honestly, I was really afraid of «The Ring» cause it’s 16 hours of opera based on the ancient epos! I was not sure if I’d like it or not cause I wasn’t a big expert in Wagner. I’d listened to just one opera of him before - «Lohengrin» (I’d enjoyed it a lot, by the way). But that сycle is without parallel in the opera world! It’s sort of an operatic «Lord of the rings». You have four operas where the plot develops during each part. And I gave it a shot and watched four operas in five days. And I liked it! I have to say that you need to be mentally ready for it and be open to this fantasy world and then Wagner will do his job!

Prima Elena

Few days ago the opera world lost one of the brightest mezzos of our time - Elena Obraztsova.
I'm just speechless...It all happened so suddenly, I'm still shocked by these news and I can't believe it...
Elena Vasilyevna was a great woman of a great talent! She'll always live in our hearts as one of the best (or maybe even the best) Carmens of all time!
Not so long ago I watched Zeffirelli's movie "Cavalleria rusticana" with Obraztsova and Domingo. Russian diva was splendid Santuzza! I wanna share with you the extract from this opera that again proves us what an amazing artist she was!

Prima Forever!