Opera de Paris in HD: The fewer, the better

It's so nice to see that each year more and more theatres, festivals broadcast their most remarkable or fresh productions! This season Opera national de Paris presents us a short but fascinating programme of transmissions and it would be wrong not to discuss it! It consists of five productions - four operas and one ballet - but I'm gonna go into detail just on opera schedule.

The MET Live in HD Season 2017-18: Seriously?

SERIOUSLY??? This is the best word I can find to describe the programme of the 2017-18 HD Series! This is gonna be the dullest season in the Met broadcast history!!! That's a pity! I don't wanna be too harsh but as a Met fan I'm very disapрointed...But let's try to look at the bright side: we have some established hits like "La Boheme" or "L'elisir d'amore" and there are some rarely performed pieces like "Semiramide" and "Cendrillon"...You may ask me: "then why are you so upset?". And I can explain. In comparison with what we've had over the last five years when almost every production made you have goose bumps about what and who you were gonna see on stage...this time frankly I am not as excited as I usually was. Maybe during the season I'll change my mind...who knows?:). Now let's move on to the very programme!

The Met: Live in HD Season 2016-17

The other day, the Met announced the schedule of its 2016-17 season. Of course, my biggest concern as a person who won't be able to visit this opera company in the nearest future is the list of productions for HD broadcasts.
In a whole, the upcoming season is gonna bring us a variety of operas to any taste. As for me, I have to say that the new season is not my cup of tea. In mypreviousreviews I told you how much I loved the compilation of operas or that "it's my dream season" and stuff like that. In a way this year will be an exception. It has a lot of new material for me to explore but I'm not so superexcited about it! Don't get upset though, it's just my point of view:). At the same time, I've read lots of feedbacks with phrases like "I wanna see them all already" or "the awesome season is coming". Anyway, let's look at what's coming up in the season 2016-17!

What’s new? November Releases 2015

Hey everyone! Here are the hottest November releases!!! Check them out and let me know what you are mostly excited about in the comments below! Enjoy!

November 6 – Natalie Dessay «Baroque» (Erato)

01-04 BACH Cantate n°51 Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen
05 MONTEVERDI Lamento della ninfa
06 BACH Magnificat "Suscepit Israel"
07-08 HAENDEL Il Delirio Amoroso "Un pensiero voli in ciel" - "Per te lasciai la luce"
09-10 HAENDEL "Ahi, nelle sorte umane" - "Ma le speranze vane"
11 HAENDEL Mi palpita il cor "Ho tanti affanni in petto"
12-13 HAENDEL Dixit Dominus "Tecum principium in die virtutis tuae" - "De torrente in via bibet"
14 RAMEAU Les Indes galantes "Forêts paisibles"

01-03 Alcina "Tornami a vagheggiar" - "Ama, sospira" - "Credete al mio dolore" *
04-07 Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno "Fido specchio" - "Io c…

What’s new? October Releases 2015

Hi! It's already October but I haven't posted anything about its releases yet! So quickly I'll go straight to the point!:)
CD RELEASES October 2 – Verdi «Aida» (Warner Classics) Anja Harteros (Aida) Jonas Kaufmann (Radamès) Ekaterina Semenchuk (Amneris) Ludovic Tezier (Amonasro) Erwin Schrott (Ramfis) Marco Spotti (King of Egypt) Paolo Fanale (Messenger) Eleonora Buratto (High Priestess)
Orchestra e Coro dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Ciro Visco (Chorus Master) Antonio Pappano (Conductor)

What’s new? September Releases 2015

Hey! The harvest time is coming! Of course, I'm talking about new releases in the opera world! As always there will be a bunch of great stuff this autumn, so I've divided all releases into three parts (for each month) to make it in a way more accessible for you. Enjoy!

Favorite non-operatic artists #3: The YouTube Stars

Hey, everyone! Today you’re gonna learn more about my non-operatic interests which I’m listening to on my mp3 player at this moment. What’s surprising about them is that both music bands are from YouTube. I have to admit that earlier in my life I was too sceptical about so-called «YouTube stars». I thought they were mostly untalented. But about 3 years ago I discovered «the other side» of YouTube and it changed my mind completely. Now I’m open to unknown and gifted artists who make music just because they love it. The most successful of them are now releasing their own CDs and even going on tours! And that’s incredible and proves that the real talent will find its audience anyway!!!