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The perfection of «Spartacus»

I’ve been thinking a lot before writing this post but then I decided: «I’m impressed TOO much to keep it all inside!». So I’m gonna tell you about the gorgeous, exciting, beautiful, amazing ballet «Spartacus» composed by Aram Khachaturian and choreographed by Yury Grigorovich. At the beginning, I wanna say that I’m not an expert of this entire ballet thing and I can’t call myself a ballet lover. I mean I like this art form but I don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy opera. I like a particular ballet if I like its music. Usually I watch 2-3 ballets a year at my local theatre of opera and ballet. As a rule they are premieres or with invited famous dancers (from The Bolshoi Theatre, for example). This year I’ve broken a record…I’ve literally attended 7 ballet performances! Wow!!! I’ve rewatched most of them but there were some new ones for me including «Spartacus»! "Spartacus". Photo by ChelOpera

Do we all behave this way?

As you might (or might not) have guessed from the title, today I’d like to talk about Mozart’s wonderful opera «Cosi fan tutte» or «Thus Do They All» in English. 
 Photo by Deutsche Grammophon

Opera is for everyone!

Hi there!!! A week ago on my Tumblr page and on Twitter I asked opera bloggers to take part in my sort of a poll which was referred to opera topic! I came up with an idea to ask as many opera bloggers as possible to get to know their opinion about opera and the reasons why they are blogging about it! Doing it, I wanted to open the secret of opera and to find out why it touches so many people around the world! As I know many opera bloggers are young singers and I think they can explain why opera can be interesting for young generation.
Photo by Boston Lyric Opera
I sent my simple request to some bloggers whose pages I liked and….only one blogger replied (I don’t blame other bloggers in any case)! And this is Isabela Zogaib from the blog «Unexpected Song». She is «an opera student living in Brazil and striving to have some opera experience here» that’s how she writes about herself on her blog page. I can also add that Isabela has been blogging about 2 years and has the same music interests…