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The Viva-Verdi Bubble! Part II

Finalmente (it.)!!! I’ve sat and dedicated one of my evenings thinking about Verdi’s music again! Time is so limited for me lately…but I stick to my plan and intention to share my thoughts and emotions about this great composer with you!!! As I’ve said in the previous post this part will be not only about CDs! In this bubble I would like to tell you about two amazing Verdian singers whom I adore very much and hope you do too:). I would even call it «The Radvanovsky-Hvorostovsky Bubble». If you don’t know I mean Dmitri Hvorostovsky, a Russian baritone, and Sondra Radvanovsky, an American (partly Canadian) soprano.

The Viva-Verdi Bubble! Part I

The other days (October the 10th) there was a big event for the whole opera world! The Giuseppe Verdi's bicentenary!!! No doubts that his contribution to the classical music is priceless and I’m sure that he’ll always be one of the greatest composers of all time!
Due to this occasion some opera singers have released CDs dedicated to Verdi this year. I consider it’s a very good way to celebrate such a big date (especially for fans:)). And I’ve decided not to stay aside ofit but to join by listening to these recordings! It took a lot of time…that’s why I post it so late:), but I strived to enjoy all of them and to make a review the most useful for you! The first part of my review is about new Verdi CDs and the second part….let’s say…will be not only about that! (Intrigue!!!). You’ll know later!
Anna Netrebko – «Verdi» (2013)

This was the first Verdi CD I listened to cause I adore Anna and try to keep up with all her career changes. I’ve already written about it in my first bubble so I g…