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Mеt Opera LIVE in HD Season 2014-15: Great Expectations

It’s time for a new season of HD broadcasts!!!! YEAAAHHHH!!! Recently Met has presented the schedule for the next year! And I can’t be happier about that!!! (I know you feel the same:)).
Photo by Metropolitan Opera
Season 2014-15 is full of surprises, interesting casts, beautiful operas (and not only operas!)! One of them is Maestro Levine who is gonna conduct four operas in a new season! I really expect to get new emotions and expand my musical horizon.
I’ve written the similar post before about the season 2013-14 and decided to do it again (Why not?). I’ve ranked all the HD broadcasts according to my scale of anticipation! Here it goes!

Jazz Bubbles

I’d like to start with «Aaall thaaat JAAAAAZZZ»!!! Today’s post has nothing to do with opera world. Cause honestly now I’m having a sort of… opera break. You may think «What!? How dare you!!!! You must blog about opera!!!». Yeah, yeah…and I still love opera very much but for now I’m mostly listening to Jazz and a capella music!

I’ve always liked many types of music (opera is on the top list, of course!). I consider there are a lot of talented singers not only in opera, also in Jazz, in pop or rock music. And I guess some opera stars could support me in this. Some of them even collaborate with famous pop/rock singers to record a song. The most striking example is Montserrat Caballé and Freddie Mercury. There were many haters but my opinion is that it was a cool duet. They both sang in their style and it worked. Anyway my point is if it’s talented it’s good!
Jazz is awesome!!! I love it as much as opera music! It’s very different and it’s not easy to play or sing (I mean real Jazz). It r…