The Viva-Verdi Bubble! Part I

The other days (October the 10th) there was a big event for the whole opera world! The Giuseppe Verdi's bicentenary!!! No doubts that his contribution to the classical music is priceless and I’m sure that he’ll always be one of the greatest composers of all time!

Due to this occasion some opera singers have released CDs dedicated to Verdi this year. I consider it’s a very good way to celebrate such a big date (especially for fans:)). And I’ve decided not to stay aside of it but to join by listening to these recordings! It took a lot of time…that’s why I post it so late:), but I strived to enjoy all of them and to make a review the most useful for you!
The first part of my review is about new Verdi CDs and the second part….let’s say…will be not only about that! (Intrigue!!!). You’ll know later!

This was the first Verdi CD I listened to cause I adore Anna and try to keep up with all her career changes. I’ve already written about it in my first bubble so I guess there is no point to post everything again…just read it here! In general, it’s an amazing album, a huge pleasure to hear Anna’s voice in a new quality!!! It’s a must for all Verdi’s and Anna’s fans!

Piotr Beczala is a very talented singer. And I have to say that his singing touches me more and more from year to year and this CD is not an exception. His skill is improving, his music lines are very good, you feel the passion of Verdi’s music which is also very important! The most memorable arias for me are  «Se quel guerrier io fossi! ... Celeste Aida» from «Aida» and scenes from «Il Trovatore».  They are very lyrical and I think Piotr’s type of voice is especially beautiful in these particular pieces. Besides, I have to mention his good French in «C’est Guy de Montfort ... O jour de peine» from «Les Vêpres Siciliennes». Because when I was listening to it I had a thought that he sounded very similar to Roberto Alagna!:). The famous duet from «Don Carlo» with Mariusz Kwiecien is very impressive too!!!

Jonas is extremely popular now (if I may say so)! He has a recognizable dark-colored voice which I love to listen to!!! Of course, I had to check out his new recording! I’ve been given such a pleasure especially in more dramatic arias like from «Don Carlo», «La Forza del Destino», «Simon Boccanegra». «La donna e mobile» is well performed but I personally prefer lyric tenors for this aria like Luciano Pavarotti:). My absolutely favourites are «Dio! mi potevi scagliar», "Niun mi tema" («Otello») and  scene from «I Masnadieri». He sings them fantastically!!!! In «Otello» it’s a huge wave of emotions which captures you from the very first note! «I Masnadieri» is a good demonstration of all the power and beauty of Jonas’ voice!!! So I HIGHLY recommended this CD to everyone!!!

One of the greatest tenors of all time has recorded CD with arias for baritones. He really deserves a huge respect for the range of roles he has already done on stage as a tenor and he doesn’t stop. Now he is performing as a baritone! What a desire to sing!!! What a big variety of a repertoire!!! As for the album, I’ve heard not a baritone but a tenor who sings in a middle or low register. The way he goes down and how he hits some high notes reveals his tenor gut!). He will always be a tenor for me and I think for the world!:). That’s why it’s hard to pick out the best tracks but it can be arias from «Rigoletto» and «La Traviata» cause emotionally they suit him more (in my opinion). Though his artistic nature can be heard in every track! I advise it to Domingo’s fans for opening his new vocal side:).

This release was at the end of 2012 so…I think we can count it:). I love Rolando, he is amazing, his singing is very energetic which is very precious for any opera singer (and very pleasant for any audience:))!!! He portrays his characters in every note and you can hear it and feel it! While he was recording this CD, he also hosted a special TV programme called «The Genius of Verdi» (btw it’s very interesting and entertaining!). Rolando’s CD is a good compilation of arias. I’ve enjoyed it very much!!! Hard to choose favourites but I’ll try…ok...they are "Ciel che feci!... di qual sangue..." («Oberto»), O madre mia, che fa colei - La mia letizia infondere («I Lombardi»), all arias from «La Traviata» (Alfredo is  one of his famous roles!) and «In solitaria stanza».  I’m sure you may have your own favourites cause this album is a celebration of Verdi’s music!!! Enjoy!!!:)

To be continued…


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