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What’s new? November 2014

Hey, opera lovers!!!  How r u doin'? A huge bunch of new recordings is coming out in November! And it would be foolish of me not to share this information with you:). Check them out!

November 17Roberto Alagna «Ma vie est un opera»by Deutsche Grammophon Having had a 30-year career on stage, on this new CD Alagna retraces the significant moments of his life,  singing his most successful arias! This recording also includes two duets with Aleksandra Kurzak.

Unknown Opera Books

Hey, opera lovers!
I’ve been spending a lot of time reading books recently. And I missed it very much as I had not been reading for about a year! Yeah…that’s a bad thing. There was always a lot of stuff I needed or wanted to do that books turned out to be at the bottom of the wish list! And my book comeback gave an idea to write a post about «opera books». We know that maybe a half of operas is based on this or that novel. But I’d like to tell you about, so to say, unknown books which inspired famous composers to create their masterpieces. And they are «Carmen» by Prosper Mérimée, «Dom Juan ou le Festin de pierre» («Don Juan or The Feast with the Statue») by Jean-Baptiste Molière and «Scènes de la vie de bohème» («Scenes from the life of Bohemia») by Henri Murger. (Oh! I’ve just noticed that they are all French!:)). 

Stella del Belcanto

Hey opera lovers! Today I really wanna talk about a very new album of Joyce DiDonato which is called «Stella di Napoli». I know I’m not a pioneer in reviewing this CD cause a lot of influential journals, newspapers, internet sources have done it before. But I just wanna share my emotions and thoughts with you as a usual opera listener, not as a critic. And I think this recording deserves to have many reviews because of its amazingness! Photo: Pari Dukovic