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The Baroque Bubble

My relationship with baroque music is developing in a very special way. In my childhood I listened a lot of this music during the lessons at my music school: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Vivaldi etc. I liked it especially the most famous melodies but…I wouldn’t say it moved me very much. So for some time my attitude to this was kind of «it’s old music».
EMI Classics 2012
Some months ago I had an amazing experience in rediscovering the beauty of baroque music. It happened thanks to Joyce DiDonato’s «Drama Queens»! Before that moment I’d come across her CD too often here or there and I really liked the photo on the cover to ignore it so long:). So I decided to give it a chance! And I have no regrets. I suddenly realized how powerful this music could be! It’s not less emotional than the music of more modern composers! I like all the tracks and I know all of them by heart! They are rarely recorded arias belonging to various opera queens! My absolutely favorite is «Sposa, son disprezzata»!!! The me…

Onegins at the Met Opera

I think the best way to explain the meaning of today’s bubble is just to say «О, как мне тяжело! Опять Онегин…» (rus) (How this torments me! Again, Onegin…).  Recently, I’ve watched Met HD new production of «Eugene Onegin» in my local cinema theatre. In general, I have to say I like it. I was touched by acting and singing. And it gave me an idea to compare it with the previous Met production of «Onegin» in 2007 which I love and adore and to find out what is better maybe:). So it’s kind of a battle between two director’s points of view and two casts of great singers. Let’s do this!!!