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What’s new? September Releases 2015

Hey! The harvest time is coming! Of course, I'm talking about new releases in the opera world! As always there will be a bunch of great stuff this autumn, so I've divided all releases into three parts (for each month) to make it in a way more accessible for you. Enjoy!

Favorite non-operatic artists #3: The YouTube Stars

Hey, everyone! Today you’re gonna learn more about my non-operatic interests which I’m listening to on my mp3 player at this moment. What’s surprising about them is that both music bands are from YouTube. I have to admit that earlier in my life I was too sceptical about so-called «YouTube stars». I thought they were mostly untalented. But about 3 years ago I discovered «the other side» of YouTube and it changed my mind completely. Now I’m open to unknown and gifted artists who make music just because they love it. The most successful of them are now releasing their own CDs and even going on tours! And that’s incredible and proves that the real talent will find its audience anyway!!!