Bubble about Fun with Opera:)

Lately I’ve been coming across lots of funny stuff about opera or opera singers in the Net. So…I’ve decided to bring some operafun to my page and share it with you!

At first, within all the stuff you can find you may notice that there are two kinds of it: for musicians or operalovers and for other people who are not so aware of music terms. I’ve chosen the most hilarious of them!

Love this one a lot!!!It’s so true. But looking at this I feel so sorry for mezzo!), especially for the part «the off chance that there is even a mezzo role in the opera». I personally prefer mezzos to sopranos, to my taste they have a more colorful timbre than sopranos. It’s also a good educational leaflet for all people who don’t know anything ‘bout opera.
The following one is good too.

It reflects the most stereotypical jokes about various types of voices (according to this I’m totally mezzo!).
There are some funny phrases based on puns.

Obviously, Handel is the most popular!
All the obstacles for young musicians are demonstrated below.

I’ve had the second one pretty often! And when you don’t succeed for a long time and you’re on the edge of anger you just want everything to…

Besides me that happens to many musicians sometimes but that doesn’t mean I stop loving music!
I’ve also found some clever internet jokes. I know you’ll love it!

The interesting ones are the jests showing the difference between professional musicians and their listenersJ.

I’ve faced these situations a lot when, for example, you have to explain the difference in the string section to your friend, it always makes me smile (not judging or offending anybody….it’s just nice).
Searching the Net I’ve discovered very good sayings that can be interesting for you. I think they tell the truth about opera and not always the pleasant one.

Nevertheless, I hope you’re cheered up and not upset… but if you are then…


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