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25 reasons not to date a musician

Hi!!! It’s been a while since my last post…yeah…so anyway to cheer you up a little bit (and myself:)) I’m gonna present you a very interesting Russian article which I found a long time ago. Actually, the article is called «50 reasons not to date a musician» but I’ve reduced this list to 25 (some reasons are too specific!). 

Maybe some of you, who don’t communicate with musicians (but wouldn’t mind it), consider they are so romantic and dating with them is a dream. I have to say it’s not so easy sometimes (especially if a musician is a world superstar!). But even if you are in love with a singer or a pianist of your town, be ready to face some habits or needs he/she has. But don’t get too scared cause nevertheless, it’s more funny things than a serious research!))).

And if you are actually this musician, I’m wondering how all of that relates to you!:) As for me I can agree with a half of the list!

Keep Calm and Love Opera

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long time and finally I’ve made it! I’d like to present you a pretty short list of my favorite operas! Actually, it was hard to pick few of many, many candidates so…in advance I want to clear it out that the chosen ones were just the most striking things that came to my mind! It’s like to choose a favorite movie or a song! Tough!!!! You may ask why I’m doing all of this if it’s so impossible for me! I just hope that my blog will arouse your interest in these masterpieces I’ve picked. Maybe some of them you know but haven’t had time to listen or watch them or you didn’t even think such pieces existed.

Well, it seems to me this is gonna be an informative and entertaining post for you, guys!!!