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What's new? Summer Releases 2015

Hey! Hey! Hey! Finally, I enjoy having good weather in my city, I hope you do too:). Very, very soon I'll be on my vacation, taking sunbaths, swimming in the sea far from home...So as you can guess, my blog will have a rest as well:). But before leaving you for a while, I'm gonna tell about the hottest summer releases that we as operalovers can't miss! (Some of them have already been come out).  Enjoy this crazy cocktail of music impressions!!!

Cesare through time

Hi, everyone! Today I am going back to our favorite topic in the world aka opera! As you might have noticed, I haven’t written any kind of review for a long time. And the reason is that there was no production which inspired me for that. But now I have a perfect opera and a brilliant staging that I really, really wanna talk about with you!!!  And it’s Handel’s «Giulio Cesare» from Metropolitan Opera!