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Opera de Paris in HD: The fewer, the better

It's so nice to see that each year more and more theatres, festivals broadcast their most remarkable or fresh productions! This season Opera national de Paris presents us a short but fascinating programme of transmissions and it would be wrong not to discuss it! It consists of five productions - four operas and one ballet - but I'm gonna go into detail just on opera schedule.

The MET Live in HD Season 2017-18: Seriously?

SERIOUSLY??? This is the best word I can find to describe the programme of the 2017-18 HD Series! This is gonna be the dullest season in the Met broadcast history!!! That's a pity! I don't wanna be too harsh but as a Met fan I'm very disapрointed...But let's try to look at the bright side: we have some established hits like "La Boheme" or "L'elisir d'amore" and there are some rarely performed pieces like "Semiramide" and "Cendrillon"...You may ask me: "then why are you so upset?". And I can explain. In comparison with what we've had over the last five years when almost every production made you have goose bumps about what and who you were gonna see on stage...this time frankly I am not as excited as I usually was. Maybe during the season I'll change my mind...who knows?:). Now let's move on to the very programme!