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Mеt Opera LIVE in HD Season 2013-14 in my emotional bubble!:)

A few days ago I found out great news for me personally and for operalovers of my city of Chelyabinsk!!! We’re gonna have Met Live in HD broadcasts of season 2013-14 in our local cinema theatre!!!
FINALLLLYYYYYY!!! I’ve been waiting for this…I guess…for 5 years!!! The dream came true! So happy right now))). Besides my city, in Russia there are other 22 cities where all the Russian can enjoy  very good Met productions! (I shared with you the links below this post about the broadcasts in Russia and in the world).
Picture by Ms.OperaGeek
All that stuff inspired me to dedicate this bubble to my lovely Met and his HD season! I’ve ranged all the HD productions according to my scale of anticipation!

Bubble about Fun with Opera:)

Lately I’ve been coming across lots of funny stuff about opera or opera singers in the Net. So…I’ve decided to bring some operafun to my page and share it with you!

At first, within all the stuff you can find you may notice that there are two kinds of it: for musicians or operalovers and for other people who are not so aware of music terms. I’ve chosen the most hilarious of them!