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Favorite Mezzo!

I really don’t know how it couldn’t have happened earlier….aaahhh….today everything will change!!!!....Just kidding!))))). Actually, not totally kidding, it’s just a little talking drama queen inside me!:). What I’m trying to say in these sentences is that I wanna tell you about my favorite mezzo soprano ELINA GARANČA!!! YEAH!!!! I’m honestly wondering why I haven’t managed to make it before! WHY!?!?!? I think most opera bloggers try to write about their favorite singers/operas/productions asap! And me…I guess I just love too many things and can’t write about everything at once (so I’m working on it!).

But back to the main topic! I’ve decided to confess why I love Elina Garanča, how I came across her and give you my recommendations about her CDs and DVDs. 

Concert Fever!

Hi, guys! These two months can be marked as «endless-concerts days» for me as I’ve been at three amazing concerts of classical music in my city! I really had that «concert fever» cause I was waiting for these events for a year and I couldn’t hold back my emotions!!! So I wanna tell you today what an awesome experience I’ve got! It’s intriguing, isn’t it?:)