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What's new? March 2015

Hey! Hey! Hey! New March releases are here! Check it out!

March 2 – Bryan Hymel «Héroïque - French Opera Arias» (Warner Classics)
Tracklist: [1] GIOACHINO ROSSINI (1792-1868) - Guillaume Tell
Ne m’abandonne point… Asile héréditaire…..Amis, amis secondez ma vengeance [2] HECTOR BERLIOZ (1803-1869) - La Damnation de Faust
Nature Immense [3] GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901) - Jérusalem
L’Emir auprès de lui m’appelle…. Je veux encore entendre ta Voix [4] GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901) - Les Vêpres siciliennes ‘
‘C'est Guy de Monfort….’ O jour de peine et de souffrance [5] HECTOR BERLIOZ (1803-1869) - Les Troyens
Inutiles regrets [6] CHARLES GOUNOD (1818-1893) - La Reine de Saba
Faiblesse de la race humaine….Inspirez-moi, race divine [7] GIACOMO MEYERBEER (1791-1864) - L'Africaine
Pays merveilleux…O Paradis …Conduisez-moi vers ce navire [8] JULES MASSENET (1842-1912) - Hérodiade
Ne pouvant réprimer les élans de la foi [9] ERNEST REYER (1823-1909) - Sigurd
Le bruit des chants…

Met Live in HD Season 2015-16

Hey opera lovers!
Today I’m gonna talk with you about one of my favorite topics ever aka new Live in HD season 2015-16 at Metropolitan Opera! The other day Met has officially announced the schedule of the next season including operas which will be broadcasted. That day of the announcement is like Christmas to me! I breathe faster, I can’t talk about anything else, I search the Net for official photos and there are a lot of other symptoms which you can observe in me on that special day:). So now when finally I can think and speak rationally, let’s discuss the glorious season 2015-16 together! We will be presented 10 operas in cinema theatres: six absolutely new productions and four well-known stagings.   The revivals include Verdi’s «Il Trovatore», Wagner’s «Tannhäuser», Puccini’s «Turandot» and «Madama Butterfly». 

New generation is coming!!!

I’ve heard many opinions but I personally believe in a new generation of opera singers! I don’t agree that we have no voices today or bad voices. Not all people can become great but that doesn’t mean there is nobody! That’s why I try to keep up with new talents in the opera world. I’ve decided to introduce you very talented female opera singers of today who are just reaching their top but who have already had a lot of success on their way. They are three sopranos Nino Machaidze, Marina Rebeka and Julia Lezhneva.