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The Met: Live in HD Season 2016-17

The other day, the Met announced the schedule of its 2016-17 season. Of course, my biggest concern as a person who won't be able to visit this opera company in the nearest future is the list of productions for HD broadcasts.
In a whole, the upcoming season is gonna bring us a variety of operas to any taste. As for me, I have to say that the new season is not my cup of tea. In mypreviousreviews I told you how much I loved the compilation of operas or that "it's my dream season" and stuff like that. In a way this year will be an exception. It has a lot of new material for me to explore but I'm not so superexcited about it! Don't get upset though, it's just my point of view:). At the same time, I've read lots of feedbacks with phrases like "I wanna see them all already" or "the awesome season is coming". Anyway, let's look at what's coming up in the season 2016-17!