Mеt Opera LIVE in HD Season 2013-14 in my emotional bubble!:)

A few days ago I found out great news for me personally and for operalovers of my city of Chelyabinsk!!! We’re gonna have Met Live in HD broadcasts of season 2013-14 in our local cinema theatre!!!

FINALLLLYYYYYY!!! I’ve been waiting for this…I guess…for 5 years!!! The dream came true! So happy right now))). Besides my city, in Russia there are other 22 cities where all the Russian can enjoy  very good Met productions! (I shared with you the links below this post about the broadcasts in Russia and in the world).

All that stuff inspired me to dedicate this bubble to my lovely Met and his HD season! I’ve ranged all the HD productions according to my scale of anticipation!

Maybe some of you are now thinking: «What?!?!?!?». I partly agree with you but….within other productions of this season it’s the least appealing to me. I love this opera very much and respect Alagna but it’s not just on the top of my list this time. Sorry, Tosca….(

It's very unusual but at the same time unattractive for me because of the plot. And I can’t call myself a big Shostakovich fan. Maybe after watching all other HD productions of this season I’ll decide to give it a try.

It’s one of my favorites!!! I always cry at the end of this opera! The music is gorgeous!!!! I’ve already watched this production with another cast (Angela Gheorghiu, Ramon Vargas), that’s why it’s on the 8th place in my chart!:). It’s absolutely a legendary production by Franco Zeffirelli! And if you haven’t watched this opera or this Met production for some reasons it’s a perfect chance for you to fill this gap!)))

It’s a new one for me. I think I’m gonna watch it to expand my opera knowledge and it sounds very interesting and unusual for Verdi (to my mind) from the trailer, so….it’s only the 7th place.

The cast is very good and maestro Levine is back! These reasons are enough to watch it! What I like about this opera is that the plot is very actual and it’s Mozart!...Nothing to addJ

I adore Rossini, he is one of my favorite composers! I love his sense of humour in music, how it supports the action on stage! After watching his operas I always feel happy!!! This production is not new. It was staged in 2009 with Elina Garanca, Lawrence Brownlee. And I just fell in love with it and moreover….thanks to that I got to know about Met, its HD productions and started to watch them! So…I kinda owe my deep interest in Met to this production! This year the cast isn’t worse: Joyce DiDonato (whom I adore!), Juan Diego Florez (great Rossini singer!), Luca Pisaroni (wonderful and amazing bass!) and others. That’s why I’m definitely gonna watch it, so should you!!!

I’ve been planning to watch this opera for a long time and this year I have to make it! The director is Richard Eyre whom I began to respect very much after his «Carmen» on the Met stage in 2010. I think his Carmen is one of the best productions I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!! So now I’m paying a lot of attention to his next work!!! I hope this is gonna be as genious as «Carmen» was. The cast has changed recently, instead of my lovely Elina Garanca (a bittersweet event for me) Sophie Koch will be singing Charlotte and Jonas Kaufmann is in the title role.

And now the top three!!!

This opera has a breathtaking plot, wonderful music, great cast! What else could we wish?! It’s a rare opera in opera houses around the world and we’re lucky that we’ll have an opportunity to hear it. I haven’t  seen this production before but I’m really looking forward to it!!!

I guess most of you are waiting for it with anticipation, so am I. As I’m Russian I have special feelings for this opera, for the Pushkin’s masterpiece! And I’m very happy that this season starts with this opera! I love all the cast!!! I’ve already bought the tickets to the cinema theatre so I’m gonna enjoy this very very soon!!!

Some of you must be surprisedJ…Yeah)…this is my number one this season! Last year I thought about watching this opera again and I missed that music and then….BOOM!!!...it was included in the new Met season!!! I was over the moon!!!!!!! The Met heard my prayers!)))).THANKS!!!! I love Ildar Abdrazakov, he is an amazing singer!!! To be honest I’m not a fan of Tcherniakov (he is a director) but…I like his vision on this opera (according to his interview), I hope I won’t be disappointed!

So…I’ve shared my thoughts with you about the upcoming HD broadcasts. Please, leave your comments about what operas you are waiting for the most. I’d love to know your opinionJ

P.S. As I promised these are precious links:

1. International locations of movie theatres:

2. Cities and movie theatres in Russia which will be broadcasting:


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