Prague: the city of music

Hello!!! I’ve been away from the opera world for a while cause I’ve had the greatest vacations in Prague!!!
Prague is very beautiful, charming and mystical. The more I walked there, the more I fell in love with this place! It was so hard to leave it that I dropped few coins in Vltava to come back someday:). I guess one of the main reasons of my affection is the incredible atmosphere of music that exists there.
You can find many posters of different music festivals or recitals of famous singers (of course, I mostly noticed posters with opera singers:)). In Prague they have a huge amount of concert halls (I guess almost in every building), churches where you can listen to sacred pieces. Everybody gave us leaflets about an upcoming organ concert or something like that.

But, as an operalover, I was mostly interested in things concerning the immortal kind of art – opera! There are three opera theatres in the city and I was lucky to visit one of them which is called the Estates Theatre. It’s famous for the fact that Mozart conducted his first «Don Giovanni» there! So I had to get inside at least to feel its atmosphere. The only opportunity for me was the performance on the first day of my journey. This was the chamber recital where two local opera singers sang famous arias from Mozart operas. The concert itself was, let’s say, not brilliant but anyway I enjoyed being there as this theatre doesn’t look like a modern opera house: no orchestra pit, every box has a mirror. When you are there, you really begin to imagine how all those ladies dressed in spectacular outfits with huge wigs could sit on the exact same place as you are sitting now…it’s magic!
The Estates Theatre
The National Theatre

The State Opera

But when you go outside, you can enjoy sounds of Czech streets!

There are a lot of street musicians (and very talented, by the way) in Prague. Maybe, you’ll say, «nothing special!» but I’m not used to it in my hometown…so for me it’s unique! And at the same square you can hear jazz, pop-rock, classics and even ethnic music! You can choose anything you want!
I consider that the most massive concentration of amazing musicians is in Staromestska Square. We lived in this area so every night we could enjoy good music on the way to our hotel. On the day of our arrival we listened to a jazz band called « Staromestsky Dixieland». These musicians amused the surrounding audience by playing New Orleans jazz. As I know many Russian tourists like this band, so you can find a lot of videos of their performances on the Internet.
Staromestsky Dixieland
Another interesting artist is Ondrej Glogar who is the member of the ethno-trance band «Yedhaki:Nautika». He played a very long wooden pipe (I don’t know how it’s called) and sometimes performed with another guy who had an unusual music instrument – a hang drum. They were very popular in Staromestska Square and always gathered a huge audience!
Ondrej Glogar
If you go along Vltava in the direction of The National Theatre, you will listen to my favorite street musician of Prague - Martin Ševčík. In the evenings he performs with his friend Tomáš Formánek (percussions) singing famous pop-rock covers. Why do I like him most of all? Because I’ve mistaken him for a playing song on a radio TWICE! He sounds very professional and has a very nice timbre that I would give him 100 euros if I had spare cash!
Martin Ševčík and Tomáš Formánek

Martin Ševčík and Tomáš Formánek in the cafe

But not only Czech musicians made a huge impression on me…

Surprisingly, in the last evening of our vacations we ran into the piece of France in Prague! This was the 7th traditional French market where you could buy French cheese or wine and even their famous snails (escargots). I didn’t risk to try them, by the way, but my friends found them tasty:). And the French band «Les Garçons Trottoirs» created an unforgettable atmosphere with their cheerful songs and made everybody dance or clap along! I would say that they have kinda folk style of music, maybe because of the accordionist. «Les Garçons» totally rocked that day and it was doubly hard to leave Prague after that.
Les Garçons Trottoirs (ArtEos Photo)
I think everybody finds something unique for yourself in Prague. And if you are so in love with music as I am, you’ll catch the tune of this place and keep it in your heart for sure!   


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