Fashion in Opera Part I: Stylish Divas

Let’s talk about fashion!!! It’s pretty obvious that being a girl I notice not only vocal and artistic skills of opera singers but also their outfits:). I consider that when you are on stage you must look presentable cause, whether you like it or not, we all judge people from their appearance (at least at the beginning). You make a certain impression of yourself just walking into a room.  Reading the posts on the blog «Operafashion» which is one of my favorite, I’ve become very inspired by this whole theme. And I’ve decided to dedicate a double post to the most fashionable persons of the opera world using as basis their everyday style.
In this first part I’d like to discuss women’s looks!

I think most of you will agree with me that the main opera fashion icon is Anna Netrebko. She is not afraid of experiments; she likes unusual, even weird clothes but mixes it very well. She is a gypsy kinda girl!:) Bright and colourful items are what doctor ordered! In one interview she says that she would be low if she opened her wardrobe and found only grey and black clothes there!

At Zac Posen’s Runway Show Anna wore the lady-vamp outfit. The classic combination of white and black makes it elegant, the gladiator shoes add some edge to the whole look (From the top: white blazer by Alexander Wang; white and black handbag by Tom Ford; shoes by Haider Ackermann). Love it! The second one is a very casual everyday outfit from the concert in Moscow. To my mind, it’s a very glamorous look! 

Among her evening gowns I like a green dress by Oscar de la Renta which she chose for Vienna Opera Ball in 2011 matching it with a beautiful Chopard accessory. The smooth draping of this dress, her hairstyle and a flowerlike necklace together look so fresh and naïve which is a big contrast to what she wears in photos above! And I’d love to have this outfit in my wardrobe!

Anna also loves designs by Basler. Most of all, I like this sunny one! Yellow is one of my favorite colours which, unfortunately, not often suits me((((. The mixture of red and yellow always wins!

Carmen Giannattasio can be called another fashion queen of the opera world. I’m not so aware of her career but she has a great sense of style. Besides that, Carmen has nice face features. She often experiments with her hairstyle, now she is a platinum blonde and has a short haircut. I prefer it this way (she reminds me of Gwen Stefani, agree?). Carmen also presents the Italian company «Grazia Fortuna Ward» or GFW which makes beautiful accessories. As we can notice she loves wearing necklaces, headbands, earrings etc. and mixes them properly with her clothes. Let’s look at my favorites!:)

Carmen puts red lipstick on almost everytime, it perfectly matches her blonde hair. In photos below you can see very classy and at the same time very simple looks: a white coat with a dark-colored dress and an absolutely white casual outfit.

But her ideal look for me is a chic lace gown by Antonio Riva that she wore at New Year’s concert in Venice. With GFW accessories she looked like a goddess! The headband is A REAL TREASURE!!! Perfect match! 

Young opera star Aida Garifullina loves fashion too. She is very attentive to what she wears and for what occasion. Aida prefers simplicity and elegance in everyday wear as well as on stage.

Her make-up is very natural. Sometimes you can’t say for sure where she has it. Mostly, it just accentuates her natural beauty. It’s SO like me! Very often I just put foundation/powder, blusher, mascara, lipstick and… GO!

I really love her choices for stage! The gowns she picks are usually from a famous Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad. These photos were taken during the concert «Hvorostovsky & Friends» in Moscow where Aida performed.  She chose two splendid dresses. The hairstyle and accessories make a great ensemble with them. And Aida was a gorgeous queen in the red gown and an adorable princess in the turquoise one.

Fashion is an endless topic…so I think I should stop here.
By the way, I’ve spent such freaking amount of time writing this post properly! Though, I thought that would be the easiest one for me! Huh! Not a bit! So if you want to write about opera fashion too, be ready for a little challenge:).

P.S. I do not own the photo materials presented here. 
Photo Sources: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Europe, APPHOTO/FOTOLINK.

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