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Hey, opera lovers!!! How are you? I feel good cause I was born on this very day!!! You know, for me B-Day, beside celebration, is a moment of pondering about life. The older you get, the more you look back on what you’ve done so far and think about how much you’re satisfied with your life. Now I’m 24 years old (oh gosh! I wrote it out loud!:)) and I can say that I have a lot of goals for the future that I’d love to achieve. Hope they’ll come true:).
As for my blog, I like running it a lot and I’m amazed that I’ve managed to «stay afloat» for such a period of time! That was not my first try to blog, so I hardly believed that I would have made it so far. Now I know that if you find your passion, it won’t be a problem for you to write about it on the Inet:). I hope you like reading my posts as much as I like writing them:).
So today, I’m gonna do my own original «The OperaFan TAG»!
Which character can you relate to the most?
I sympathize Micaëla from «Carmen». She is very feminine, kind and brave. She doesn’t judge Jose for his behavior, she just lets him go. She is not a typical heroine for soprano who usually dies or suffers all the time:).
If you could watch only one opera for the rest of your life, what opera would it be?
I think, it would be «Carmen». The melodies, the plot are so great that I never get tired of it!
If you have an opportunity (and capability) to record an aria for your own CD, what would it be?
«Mi chiamano Mimi» from Puccini’s «La Boheme». It’s one of my favorite operas. And as I have a soprano voice, I’d choose that.
What characters from different operas do you see as an interesting couple? And why?
I suppose Violetta and Des Grieux could get along pretty well. Des Grieux has a lot in common with Alfredo and, unlike Manon, Violetta would not leave her beloved for money. So probably they could have a future together.
Tenor or Baritone? Soprano or Mezzo?
Definitely, Baritone with Mezzo:).
What musician (dead or alive) would you like to invite for a cup of tea?
That’s a hard one! I’d love to chat with Mozart. He was a genius and I’d like to ask him how he creates his music or maybe to see him improvising on a piano:). That would be fun!
If you were an opera director, what opera would you stage and what cast would you choose for that?
I would do «Aleko» by Rachmaninov. It’s a rarely staged one-act opera which would be perfect for my debut as a director:). The music is fantastic!!! I love it! The plot is rather simple for staging. I would do the wide set with an endless wheat field or something like that and the set of a gypsy camp. And the stage would turn around when it needed, presenting two different locations. I’d love to see Ildar Abdrazakov as Aleko, Piotr Beczala as Young Gypsy and Veronika Jioeva as Zemfira. I think their voices match the roles very well.
Ildar Abdrzakov

Veronika Jioeva

Piotr Beczala

If you like this TAG, I’d love to see your answers to these questions in the comments below or you can leave a link to your page/blog where we can find them. 


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