My Festive Playlist

Hey, opera lovers!!!
December is already here! That means «holidays are coming, holidays are coming…»:). All buildings are being decorated; famous songs are being played in the streets, at bars and restaurants! And we’re all waiting for a little bit of magic in our life at this time of the year. So the atmosphere is very specific and hopeful, so to speak. What can be better than good festive music for maintaining such an advent mood:)?
I have a list of tracks which I keep listening to again and again during December. These songs are about such important things like love, family, friends, piece – things that we all begin to appreciate even more on Christmas and New Year Days. So I wanna share with you my favorite albums and songs which make me happy and charge me with festivity!!! 

Classic Xmas songs are must-listen for anyone this month!!! «Let it snow» by Frank Sinatra, «Happy New Year» by ABBA, «Have yourself a merry little Christmas» by Ella Fitzgerald and many, many others. Everyone knows them; everybody will sing along if they are played in a store or in the street!
«Let it snow» by Frank Sinatra
«White Christmas» by Louis Armstrong or by Lady Gaga
«Have yourself a merry little Christmas» by Ella Fitzgerald
«Jingle Bell Rock» by Bobby Helms
«I’ll be home for Christmas» by Dean Martin
«All I want for Christmas is you» by Cee Lo Green
«Last Christmas» by George Michael
«Christmas is all around me» by Billy Mack
«Rockin' around the Christmas tree» by Brenda Lee
«Magic moments» by Perry Como
«Happy New Year» by ABBA

For many performers to compose a Christmas song of their own is something special. And I also enjoy such music experiments cause as a rule the melodies are simple and beautiful; the texts are very touching! I would recommend you «Christmas without you» by OneRepublic, «Christmas lights» by Coldplay, «It’s Christmas time again» by Backstreet Boys.

The next tracks on my mp3 player are related to a very Christmas romantic comedy called «Serendipity». I watch this film every year in December and it comes hand in hand with the amazing soundtracks! All instrumental tracks are composed by wonderful Alan Silvestri. They accompany emotions on screen so precisely that the music immediately conquers your heart! After watching the movie, I always want to go skating to an open-air skating rink when there are big and fluffy snowflakes in the air! So nice!!! In my opinion the best tracks from «Serendipity» are the following:
«When you know» by Shawn Colvin
«Waiting in vain» by Annie Lennox
«Moonlight kiss» by Bap Kennedy
«Cool Yule» by Louis Armstrong
«Northern sky» by Nick Drake
«January Rain» by David Gray
«Serendipity near Miss» by Alan Silvestri
«Elevator Farce» by Alan Silvestri

My playlist would be incomplete without two Christmas albums by acapella group «Pentatonix»: «PTXmas» and «That’s Christmas to me». In case you don’t know anything about these guys, they are five talented singers (one of them is a beatboxer) who try to promote acapella style in the music industry using their works. They are astonishing!!! They can arrange anything from classical music to R’n’B! Recently PTX has got nominated for the Grammy Award (for the cover «Daft Punk»)! I LOVE THEM!!!

The group has released two CDs with famous Christmas songs. I can listen to it like forever! Their arrangements are so unusual and innovative all the time that you can’t stop admiring their creativeness. My personal favorites are «Carol of the bells», «That’s Christmas to me» (which is their original track, by the way), «Mary did you know», «Little drummer boy», «Sleigh ride».
I hope you found this post interesting and helpful for creating a festive atmosphere around you! I’m always into discovering new things, so leave your «holiday» music choices in the comments below;)


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