25 reasons not to date a musician

Hi!!! It’s been a while since my last post…yeah…so anyway to cheer you up a little bit (and myself:)) I’m gonna present you a very interesting Russian article which I found a long time ago. Actually, the article is called «50 reasons not to date a musician» but I’ve reduced this list to 25 (some reasons are too specific!). 

Maybe some of you, who don’t communicate with musicians (but wouldn’t mind it), consider they are so romantic and dating with them is a dream. I have to say it’s not so easy sometimes (especially if a musician is a world superstar!). But even if you are in love with a singer or a pianist of your town, be ready to face some habits or needs he/she has. But don’t get too scared cause nevertheless, it’s more funny things than a serious research!))).

And if you are actually this musician, I’m wondering how all of that relates to you!:) As for me I can agree with a half of the list!

1. You spend the whole day in a music store.
I love doing it!!! Exploring what new stuff came out is what doctor ordered! But not for a whole day just… for an hour:).

2. They drink and eat any junk if they like its wrapping.
So false for me!!! I’m really careful about that. As the practice shows such wrapping contains a lot of «unhealthy ingredients». And I know that opera singers try to eat healthy as it can affect their vocal chords.

3. They want to save the world with their songs.
This can be true as a real musician puts his heart into each performance. Maybe it will become a trigger for someone to have music studies. Music is art and I believe that it’s not only an entertainment but also a kind of philosophy that changes your mind and it should!

4. They hate each other.
Wow! Wow! Wow! That’s not true!!!!! I personally love other musicians! Of course, there are some jealous people in this world but mainly everybody prefers to do his own work. Don’t envy! It’s destroying!

5. You are the last persons leaving your seats in a movie theatre cause they need to listen to all soundtracks.
Ohhh!!! That’s totally me!!!))). I also dance and sing along!

6. They can’t just listen to a song without conducting it inwardly.
I think it’s more about young conductors who are still students. Mostly, I do the same as in the previous item).

7. They wear rumpled clothes cause they don’t have time for stupid things like ironing.
I don’t think it concerns every musician but I have problems with that cause I always iron things 5 minutes before running out of my flat to work or anywhere. 

8. They’d rather examine the brand of your headphones than listen to what you try to say.
Lie!!!!!! We are not so selfish!

9. It’s impossible to find anything in their house. Scores are everywhere!
It’s very individual. If you are an organized person (no matter if you are a musician or not), it’s not an issue for you. I keep all scores in order.

10. They are bad at Maths, they just look at figures.
And they don’t have to be good at it! Solfeggio is their law!))).

11. They idolize people whom no one knows and talk about them like their colleagues.
That’s funny! I always say about my favorite singers like that: «Annushka» (relating to Anna Netrebko), «Elina» (meaning Elina Garanca). Mostly because it’s quicker to say like this and I use it only in talks with people who understand what I chat about.

12.  If they play a musical instrument, don’t ask them anything. They don’t hear you.
I hear you when I play piano but I know some people who really don’t respond you during the whole «playing» session!)))

13. They sing something all the time.
Yeah!!! Everywhere, except public transport but there a music player saves the day!))).

14. Having learnt several musical terms, they are able to speak with the native Italians.
With only terms maybe not but it’s a must for any opera singer as most of operas are written in Italian.

15. They listen attentively to dripping tap water or to the drone of a fridge. They try to analyze what note sounds from there.
Sometimes it happens to me. I prefer to sing the same pitch and hold it as long as I can. It’s like a vocal exercise.

16. Museum is their second home.
 I love visiting museums. But I would change this phrase for me to: «Theatre is their second home»!

17. They can’t go to the restaurant without criticizing the design of a menu and the background music.
I have a strange habit to dance in shops when the muzak is good or familiar to me. I’m not a critic).

18. They listen to the music that you never know.
Many famous classical musicians have confessed in their love to rock or pop or jazz music. They can love many styles of music. So I wouldn’t say so definitely!

19. Their dream is to spend all their money on a 1,5 million glass piano or at least on a ticket to La Scala.
My mom would say here: «She asks me to buy her a white piano «Steinway and Sons» all the time!». Yes!:) And my dream of lifetime is also to visit Metropolitan Opera! So I know what it means in this statement!))).

20. They laugh at pretty usual things.
For me some simple words can sound very funny. I love some funny folk sayings/proverbs very much! Love to use them in my own speech!

21. When they sit in silence looking somewhere in front of them with a sad face, don’t worry. It’s a musician’s block. It will let them go.
It’s more about me as a person than as a musician. If I have busy days and a lot of stuff to do, I look this «concentrated» way most of the time. But it really lets me go when the problem is solved:).

22. They are always sleepy cause they work 24/7.
If musicians are successful, they work a lot! As for opera singers they control themselves and try to have good sleep, otherwise, they won’t feel fresh enough and sing brightly!

23. They think about their life and vocation about 40 times a day.
Not 40 times but a couple of times a month:).

24. You wake up at 3 a.m. cause they are inspired to compose something. They need to write down all the notes and play them immediately. They don’t care that it’s 3 a.m.
All questions to composing kinds:)!

25. They get angry every time when people ask them to play some chopsticks.
Of course, they are angry! Musicians consider that they can do much more than that! In most cases they refuse your requests (at least I do so!). I don’t mind good famous songs but NO BROKEN RECORDS!!!!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this strange list:)! Leave comments below if you agree or not with these points!


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